Mon Vanderostyne

MVO-Producties relies on the professional experience of Mon Vanderostyne, who can look back on a journalistic career with the leading Belgian group of daily newspapers "De Standaard-Het Nieuwsblad." For almost three decades, he served as a reporter, a senior writer and an editorialist.

He studied Law and Political Sciences at Leuven University. His mother tongue is Dutch. He is writing fluently in English and French, and speaks German. Working for MVO-Producties, he is mainly writing in English.

All over his journalistic career, Mon Vanderostyne has focused on international reporting with assignments on the five continents. In the 1980's he covered developments in Central and Eastern Europe, with on the spot reporting in Germany, Poland, the Baltic States, Austria, Russia. In the 1990's he witnessed the dramatic changes on the Balkans, including in Sarajevo during the 43 months siege of the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina. In Asia, assignments varied from travelling in war-raged Afghanistan to an exclusive interview with Pakistan's then newly elected Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. Lasting memories from Africa include the 1994 genocide in Rwanda and the major changes in the Great Lakes area at the time. Some of these articles can be read by clicking on the "Living History" part of this website.

Mon Vanderostyne is one of the most laurelled journalists in Belgium. He was awarded the first prize of the Flemish Journalist's Club for on the spot reporting in Central America and in Chad. He is one of the very few Belgian journalists who, at two occasions, received the "Golden Pen" of the Belgian financial institution "Gemeentekrediet/Crédit Communal" (currently DEXIA-Bank). Together with two of his colleagues he received this, most prominent Belgian media award a first time for his reporting of the Agusta-trial, a high-profile lawsuit against leading politicians. He received the "Golden Pen" a second time for a series of feature articles, when he accompanied Moroccan migrant workers on a holiday-trip from Belgium to their home country. For the same reportage, the "King Baudouin Foundation" honoured him with the "Media award for a more harmonious society."

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Golden Pen Award Persprijs 1998

Articles of Mon Vanderostyne were compiled in several booklets. He published the book "Helmets for Peace" on Belgian humanitarian operations abroad. In 1994, he released a book, called "Waterbouwers" describing the worldwide penetration of Belgian dredging and marine engineering companies after the Second World war. Some of these books can be viewed by clicking here.