For almost a quarter of a century, Mon Vanderostyne has lived the history of our times, and history was reflected in his on-the-spot reporting. Working for De Standaard-Het Nieuwsblad, one of the leading dailies in Belgium, he was privileged to find himself where history happened.

From the dark heart of Africa to the fall of the Berlin wall, he witnessed the times that were a-changin. As he travelled the five continents and the seven seas, readers of the newspaper found themselves in the front seat when Nicolae Ceaucescu's regime broke down in Rumania; when the death of Rwanda's president Juvťnal Habyarimana triggered the worst genocide since the shoah; or when IsraŽl's prime minister Yitzak Rabin was murdered at a Tel Aviv peace rally. Remember?

Call it stories from a century past. Yet all knowledge is a form of remembrance, or so Plato has said. The articles of this "Living History" section are written in Dutch. Some of them still reflect the hectic rush against deadlines. Others may yield some lasting interest. This part of the website is frequently updated. So please come back regularly, and rediscover the stories that recall some of the defining moments of our times.

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