Award winning article : "The road towards nostalgia"

When I accompanied a family of Moroccan migrant workers from their hometown Antwerp to the ferryboat for Tanger on their holiday towards a long-forgotten land, I compared their journey to John Steinbeck's "Grapes of Wrath." That one family was but one link in a chain of hundreds of thousands of Maghrib holiday makers that, each year, become part of a massive current from Northern Europe towards the South. It was an epic journey, which recalled parallels between the 1930's escape of the Okies from the Oklahoma dustbowl and the flight of 1990's migrant workers away from the chilliness in the hearts of modern-day West-Europeans. This series of feature articles was honoured with the "Golden Pen", the most prestigious Media Award in Belgium, and with the Prize for a More Harmonious Society from the King Baudouin Foundation.

  • Vlucht voor de kilte, gedreven door heimwee naar vroeger
    Borgerhout, Algeciras, maandag 27 juli 1992

  • Avonturentocht naar Marokko - Opwindende, onzekere vakantiereis maandenlang voorbereid
    Borgerhout - maandag 27 juli 1992

  • Tocht naar Marokko is ook al vakantie - Wat denkt een mohammedaanse Berber na 25 jaar werken in Vlaanderen?
    Orleans, Vitoria

  • Racisme is jaloersheid - Zoontje van Ballidan leert kristelijke godsdienst
    Burgos, Madrid

  • Zuiden van Spanje lijkt weer in handen van Moren - Parking van Rode Kruis verademing voor heimwee toeristen

  • Mensonwaardige toestanden op parking voor ferry - Marokkanen in Algeciras: voor Spanjaarden betekenen wij niets